Fraxel treatment:  age/sunspots, melasma, wrinkles, acne and surgical scar, tighten skin...


Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing


Fraxel treatment is ideal treatment for pores, uneven skin tone or pigmentation, age/sunspots, melasma, mask of pregnancy, fine lines and wrinkles, actinic Keratosis, Skin resurfacing, acne and surgical scar, tighten skin                                                                       


In 2001, a team of Fraxel engineers, researchers and scientists pioneered the laser skin science called fractional photothermolysis. Fraxel delivers safe and effective treatments with remarkable results and minimal downtime. Fraxel laser systems treat microscopic volumes of skin with each unique pulse, leaving the surrounding area intact for faster healing compared with traditional CO2 laser resurfacing. These microscopic treatment zones (MTZs) penetrate to the precise height and width necessary, while sparing many of the stem cells and melanocytes in the papillary dermis.


All Ages, All Skin Tones, All Body Areas

Fraxel Lasers provide solutions for patients of all ages, skin tones, and body areas, providing you with a multitude of treatment approaches and custom treatment plans.

Proven – hundreds of thousands of treatments from the pioneers of fractional laser technology

Effective – truly transformative results, with minimal risk and patient downtime

Flexible – depending on the treatment, Fraxel can treat all skin types and various indications ranging from fine lines and wrinkles to pigmentation, sun damage and scarring.


Fraxel is USA FDA 510(K) cleared to treat areas of the face, hands and body:

  1. Fine lines and wrinkles, including peri-orbital wrinkles
  2. Surface scarring such as acne scarring
  3. Pigmentation issues such as Melasma and age spots
  4. Sun damage and pre-cancerous indications (AKs)


Fraxel laser treatment removes years from the skin's appearance — without the same degree of risks and side effects commonly associated with other procedures. It is safe, effective solutions for rejuvenating your skin.  

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