PAPSHPI presented a honorary membership to Dr James Chan Ka Ming on 11 October 2013.

2013年10月 11日 陈加明医荣获 PAPSHPI 颁发荣誉会员。这是组织成立以来,只颁发过两次,陈医生 是菲律宾国家外,第一位接受这项荣誉的人。表扬陈医对学会及美容医学教学的贡献。

菲律宾国家承认之医学学会,专门培训皮肤及美容医学专科人材。学员接受严格训练後,可获颁发国家承认之 Certificate, Diplomate and Fellowship 医科证书,文凭或院士专科资格,服务人群。

Dr James Chan was awarded the honorary member for PAPSHPI.  Dr Chan is the first honorary member outside Philippines country.

PAPSHPI Philippine Association of Primary Skin Health. 

The Philippine Association of Primary Skin Health Physicians, affirming that the organization was founded upon the principles that invoke the blessings and the supremacy of the Almighty God, in order to establish a more perfect alliance, in the preservation and promotion of primary skin health for the dignity and worth of humanity; with high ethical and technical standards, to productively carry through such responsibilities; with the confidence that only an efficient and disciplined union of Primary Skin Health Physicians, strongly associated with one another, can realize these desired objectives; with the true spirit of cooperation, hereby unite ourselves into this one association; do establish and implement this Constitution and By-Laws.

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