Restylane® SkinBooster

Restylane 皮肤活化剂,利用专利 NSAHA技术研制而成。临床研究证实能有效修复皮肤水份平衡,改善皮肤结构丶弹性丶紧致度和光泽。可应用於全身皮肤,特别是受较大光衰老影响之位置,如面丶颈丶胸口丶手背⋯等。效果可维持达6个月或以上。


Restylane Skin Boosters act live a dermal reservoir to create a rich and long lasting source of water inside the skin by means of patented NASHA technology. By increasing the skin ‘s capacity to hold water, it becomes fuller and firmer. Restylane skinboosters significantly increase the skin’s elasticity and reduce roughness on the surface. After just 3 treatments, the effect builds up and your skin continues to be hydrated because the rehydration is already inside your skin. Applicable areas include face, neck, upper chest, hands...etc with more photoaging damage. A maintenance treatment every 6 months is recommended.